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Our company history.

Building from the get-go.

Jason first began his building experience back in 2001. After only five years he began working as a contractor to some of New Zealand's most respected home suppliers, including Trident and Versatile Homes. Along with Mike Greer Commercials, Jason has helped turn around some of the most glamorous villas in Timaru, creating million dollar homes in a hungry, competitive market.

Changing up the business.

We've always prided ourselves on being able to do any job, big or small, repair or new build. However, in 2016, we pivoted toward more new build projects, with 90% of our jobs in new home builds. When opportunity knocks, we like to be there to take it.


2016 was a big year for us. In May, the opportunity arose to go from being an independent contractor to a fully licensed business, specialising in residential construction. We continued to partner with the house hold names like Mike Greer Commercial to bring a range of building expertise under one roof.

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Still going strong.

Today, we’re still busy building and renovating new homes across the Timaru district. Over the last few years, we’ve branched out into house relocatables too, building and relocating homes to their new destination. Whatever the task, we’re there to ensure its success.

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Jason Wheeler


Jason has been building over 20 years and in that time he's worked for two of Timaru's leading building companies; David Fridd Building (11 years )and Wilson Building (4 years). Jason started his own business, Wheeler Building, in May 2016.

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