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Beyond these features, your relocatable is a blank canvas for your personalization. It's a space where you can express your style, preferences, and creativity.


Spacious Interior

Your new home features two bedrooms, each equipped with walk-in robes, offering ample storage and space for all your belongings.

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Modern Amenities

The bathroom is complete with a shower, toilet, and vanity, ensuring your daily routines are comfortable and convenient. The laundry is fully fitted with custom joinery and a cut-in sink, making laundry tasks a breeze.

Functional Kitchen

Our kitchen is a focal point, boasting contemporary joinery, a practical breakfast bar, and an integrated dining/living area. Whether you're cooking for yourself or entertaining guests, this space is designed to meet your culinary needs.

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Stylish Exterior

The exterior of your relocatable is a blend of form and function. It showcases vertical Flaxpod 5-rib iron cladding for durability and elegance, complemented by horizontal shiplap cedar to add a touch of natural charm.

Generous Space

With a total size of 49.8 square meters, your relocatable offers a generous living area that allows you to create a cozy, welcoming environment for you and your loved ones.

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Time for a makeover?

As your local Timaru construction company, we believe that no job is without its reward. Whether it's a kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling or other living area, we can breathe life into your old home. Our extended team includes all the trades, meaning when you come to us, we ensure the workforce to see the project through to completion. 

So, if you have a vision in mind or no idea, come see us at Wheeler Building. We can fix your new buy to your liking or bring your old home into the twenty-first century.

Making your property compliant.

Around a third of Kiwi homes are below the absolute standard — and those standards are at least 20 years old. At Wheeler Building, we ensure that your renovation brings you in compliance with the strictest standards, future-proofing your home, rental property or batch against future build requirements. 

Update your home and improve your ventilation, making the most of the NZ sun without overheating your home. If you’re interested in improving your old build, get in contact with us at Wheeler Building about your project, and we’ll give you an initial starting quote.

For any area in or out of the house.

We're available to help turn your old home into something that feels more like you, with services including;

  • Bathroom and kitchen refittings
  • Living room and bedroom renovations
  • Backyard, deck and driveway refittings
  • Home compliance checks
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Windows and doorframes
  • Wall and roof insulation
  • Redecorating
  • And more

If you have any questions about compliance, or about redoing certain sections of your home, get in touch. We're keen to talk over your project and to give you a free quote around pricing and the amount of work needed.

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